Make Today Something Special

Make Today Something Special

Visit Mae's to enjoy the meal of the day

The kitchen crew at Mae’s Southern Café cooks up something special every day of the week. We’ve got mouth-watering chicken and dumplings, juicy beef livers and all the other Southern dishes you love.

You can depend on these scratch-made dishes every week. Don’t to worry about getting here at any certain time; we run our specials all day long. Just remember that once we sell out, we’re out for the day.

Stop by today for your favorite, or try something new.

Take a gander at our daily specials

We’ll have something delicious in the oven no matter what day you stop by.

Our Daily Specials (served with 2 sides)



  • Chicken Tetrazzini $7.99
  • Beef Livers $7.99
  • Rice n Gravy $1.89



  • Smothered Pork Chops $8.99
  • Neckbones $8.69
  • Cajun Cabbage $1.89



  • Meatloaf $8.69
  • Beef Tips $8.99
  • Boil Okra $1.89



  • Baked Chicken (Leg Quarter) $7.99
  • Chicken n Dressing $8.99
  • Pot Roast $9.99
  • Dressing $1.89



  • 50 Cent wings
  • Chicken n Dumplings $7.99



  • Smothered Oxtails over rice $16.99
  • Chicken n Dressing $8.99
  • Chitterlings $12.99
  • Baked Chicken (Leg Quarter) $7.99
  • Side of Oxtails $9.99
  • Side of Chitterlings $8.99
  • Full plate of Chitterlings $18.99


If you have any questions about our lunch specials, call us today. Otherwise, we’ll see you at Mae’s Southern Café today for a scrumptious, homemade meal.