You've Heard the Buzz, Now Try the Food

See why our guests can't stay away

There's a reason our guests come from as far away as Tennessee to taste our food. It's because everything we serve is made from scratch. Grandma didn't use anything out of a can or freezer box, and neither do we. Every day we cook all of our meals fresh, just for you.

Call now to place your order. We'll have it waiting for you.

Come for the barbeque, stay for the company

With such a large menu of Southern food, where do you start? We're famous for our:

  • Barbeque: We smoke our ribs for three and half hours. The result is meat so tender it falls right off the bone.
  • Chicken wings: We use a special seasoning on our chicken. Many of our guests have asked for the recipe, but it's grandma's secret.
  • Sweet tea: You can't have a Southern meal without sweet tea. We brew, steep and sweeten it to perfection every time.

Come by today and taste our soul food for yourself.

Our family heirlooms come from the kitchen

If you have a Southern grandmother, you know what good food tastes like. Mae's Southern Café uses authentic family recipes for every dish. After the owner's grandmother passed away, he opened the café to carry on her legacy.

Visit our café in Northport, AL today to enjoy the recipes she wrote and passed down to her grandson.